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Cuban Cigars Medio Tiempo Leaf - EGM Cigars

Cuban Cigars Rare Medio Tiempo Leaf

A tobacco farm in Cuba 


When the Cohiba Behike line launched, involving a rare and exceptional leaf not found in other Cuban cigars online, people stood up and took notice. What is this leaf? Why is it so rare and why isn’t it found in other habanos? The Medio Tiempo leaf has made many a smoker curious, and through the secrecy of the unknown, false stories have materialised. Well, the myth is no more – we reveal the truth and explain the leaf’s luxury.

THE SPECIFICATIONS – There are none! Technically, there are no actual measurements for what constitutes a leaf category. Tobacco growers often used their vast experience and knowledge of tobacco plants, aware of where each leaf is typically positioned and how they generally appear to decide what type they are. Size and colour being crucial factors. The Medio Tiempo leaf is slightly more complicated than a Seco or a Volado for instance, when categorising.

Cuban Cigar plantations - Medio Tiempo Leaf - EGM Cigars

Medio Tiempo leaves are found at the highest point of a plant and withhold the most concentrated amounts of oil


"proximity to sunlight is the real secret"

AT THE TOP – Grown at the top of a tobacco plant, Medio Tiempo is often called ‘thick ligero’, as in essence, they are ligero leaves but with a much higher concentration of oil. Medio Tiempo leaves are very small and only found during the classification process, instead of being sourced directly from a plant. This alone makes them difficult to spot, not to mention the strict requirements in order for a leaf to become classified as a Medio Tiempo. Again, without a sizeable measurement, there are certain specifications nonetheless. They must be very thick and rich in oils.

SUN BENEFITS –The close proximity to sunlight is the real secret to Medio Tiempo. The glorious Cuban sun provides a strong portion of oils which form together to create a delectable taste and aroma. The large oil capacity is a huge reason for Cohiba Behike’s, like a Cohiba Behike 52 Cigar, comprising full-bodied tasting notes.

CLIMATE CHANGE ISSUES – The downside to being at the top of a plant, is along with direct sunlight, there’s the occasional bouts of rain that fall on Medio Tiempo leaves first. As Davidoff’s The Connoisseurs Book of the Cigar reveals, “the tobacco leaf doesn’t require much water”. Rain is Cuba has increased while the humid conditions tobacco plantations love, have not always materialised. Explained in our post What Effect is Climate Change Having on Cuban Cigars, tobacco growers have had to deal with these issues by introducing concrete floors to help humidity levels in their barns, as well as utilising turbines to heat tobacco plants for when unpredictable bad weather appears.

Cohiba Behike Cigars - Medio Tiempo Leaf - EGM Cigars

Cohiba Behike Cigars are the only ones to contain the rare medio tiempo leaf, making them unique and one-of-a-kind


"rare, small but powerful necessity"

THE RARITY FACTOR – Fragile and delicate, Medio Tiempo leaves are hard to source, hard to select, and need optimal weather which is not always available when expected. Additionally, the leaves are a kind of gamble – they don’t always develop during harvest as plants grow at different speeds. Contrary to popular belief, the difficulty in collecting Medio Tiempo leaves, is not the reason for a lack of Behike production. The reason is due to Cohiba Cigars stringent acceptance of only choosing the best of the best. This we learnt at our visit Inside El Laguito.

HOW TO TELL – According to Cigars Lover Magazine, if there is an absence of very dark leaves at the foot of a cigar, this shows a lack of Medio Tiempo leaves in the cigar blend. Also, the publication goes on to say, that a farmer who utilises their crop correctly, can maximise both quality and quantity of Medio Tiempo leaves in their tobacco fields.

Found in Cohiba’s most exceptional line of cigars for sale online, the leaf is a rare, small but powerful necessity. Significant and exceptional, Medio Tiempo is worth the endeavour. Why not shop the delectable Cohiba Behike 54 Cigar and Cohiba Behike 56 Cigar. We have a few boxes left and they make a perfect gift, but we advise to be quick, as they are bought by aficionado's quickly worldwide.

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