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The Blessed Tobacco Land of Cuba EGM CIGARS

The Blessed Tobacco Land of Cuba

Cuban Cigars are, no doubt, the crème de la crème of smokes. Not just because they are immaculately manufactured but, also, due to the high-quality tobacco used inside them. What is it that makes Cuban tobacco better than tobacco sourced from other parts of the world though? The answer is more interesting than you may think. There’s a number of different variants, both natural and non-natural, that contribute to making Cuban tobacco the king of its kind. That been said, today we explore the blessed tobacco land of Cuba, discussing what is it that makes Cuban tobacco the blue blood in the cigar world.

inside the hoyo de mena tobacco farm in cuba egm cigars

Left: Tobacco leaves hung to dry inside cabañas in Hoyo de Mena, Top Right: Healthy tobacco leaves in the Hoyo de Mena farm in Cuba, Bottom Right: Oxen used to cultivate the land in the farm


WEATHER CONDITIONS – As simple and straightforward as it sounds, the weather conditions play a crucial role in the process of cultivating healthy tobacco plants. Of course, there are plenty of different locations around the world that offer a tobacco-friendly environment. However, the land of Cuba has more to give. The average temperature in Cuban tobacco plantations is approximately 23°C (73°F) while the humidity is around 65%, making it the perfect environment for growing premium tobacco. The quality of the Cuban Cigars Online itself testifies to that. Known for its well-balanced flavours, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Cigar is handmade using tobacco made with the finest Cuban tobacco. Measuring at 124 mm in length by a ring gauge of 50, Epicure No. 2 delivers a light bodied smoke, characteristic of Hoyo de Monterrey cigars, justifiably a favourite amongst both cigar beginners and aficionados.

FERTILE SOIL – Besides the positive impact that the weather conditions have in the cultivation of Cuban tobacco, the soil of the island itself is as an important factor as any. Overall, the soil is a primary source of nutrients, substances which are needed by all types of plants for their growth. In Cuba’s case, the subsoil is a rich, reddish loam full with nutrients, ideal for the cultivation of tobacco plants. The result is the creation of healthy tobacco leaves packed with plenty of flavours and the potential for great burnability. Talking about an excellent burn and draw, we couldn't think of a better smoke than the Romeo y Julieta Cedros de Luxe Cigar. Featuring a Gordito vitola that measures at 141 mm in length by a 50 ring gauge, Cedros de Luxe is part of our wide collection of LCDH Editions and is capable of providing the smoker with a smooth and pleasant burn.

collecting tobacco leaves in cuba's hoyo de mena farm egm cigars

Collecting tobacco leaves in Cuba's Hoyo de Mena farm


VUELTA ABAJO PLANTATIONS – The best Cuban tobacco comes from the plantations in the Vuelta Abajo region of the Pinar del Rio Province located near the town of Saint Luis. The reasons behind the remarkable fertility in this territory have once again to do with Cuba’s soil. As we have mentioned above, the island’s soil is generally rich in nutrients which ultimately help the growth of the tobacco plants. Nonetheless, the land in the Vuelta Abajo area seems to be even more blessed. Many experts argue that tobacco plants cultivated in the Vuelta Abajo zone have a higher concentration of nitrate and such an increase is responsible for making tobacco plants more powerful and flavoursome. Having smoked the Juan Lopez Punto 55 Cigar (Ex. Francia 2018) we couldn’t disagree with this statement even if we wanted to. Capable of delivering a full flavoured profile, Punto 55 is totalmente a mano – totally handmade, using tobacco leaves from Cuba’s premium Vuelta Abajo plantations.

FARMERS AND EXPERTS – The human factor is very active when it comes to the cultivation of Cuban tobacco. From delicately picking the leaves to hanging them inside cabanas, Cuban tobacco farmers are not just regular farmers. Taking care of the tobacco plants and collecting the leaves once they’re ready, are only a few of their responsibilities. It seems that for Cuban farmers cultivating tobacco is not simply a job but an ongoing passion that, nevertheless, can be reflected through the final product. Representative of all the hard work behind its creation, it’s no surprise that the Cohiba Esplendidos Cigar is one of the most popular smokes amongst cigar aficionados worldwide. Handmade using tobacco leaves sourced from the most premium tobacco plantations in Cuba, Esplendidos is a medium to full bodied smoke, remaining honest and true to the flavoured profile of its Cohiba Cigars family.

collecting tobacco leaves in hoyo de mena tobacco farm cuba egm cigars

Top Left: Dried tobacco leaves ready to move into the manufacturing process, Bottom Left: Campesinos carrying wooden crates where tobacco leaves are placed once collected

As we have discussed above, it takes more than just impeccable manufacture to create some of the Best Cuban Cigars on the market. Whether you are a cigar beginner or an experienced smoker, you ought to be aware of the environmental conditions, fertility, and of course, the human factor that influence the production of all our Cuban Cigars for Sale Online.  Stay up-to-date with everything that happens in the cigar industry from our Cuban Cigar Blog.

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