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handcrafted cuban cigars at El laguito

The Six Parts of a Cuban Cigar


Premium handmade Cuban Cigars are the result of a carefully constructed blend of tobacco. Like a top-rated chef, the maker of your puro is a master of precision and a skilled craftsman, capable of putting together a certain recipe of high quality materials to create your cigar. In this post we take a look at all the different parts of a puro and identify their contribution to a cigar’s blend.

the process of handcrafting cuban cigars online

Left: The process of classifying wrapper leaves at El Laguito factory, Right: One of the steps of handcrafting cigars at El Laguito factory


WRAPPER – The first and finest thing to notice aside a cigar’s band and shape is the outer leaf of a cigar that delicately holds together the interior tobacco - known as the wrapper. Cigar makers are very meticulous about wrapper selection since the outer leaf is considered a cigar’s first impression. Wrapper leaves receive the greatest amount of attention and consideration during construction - from the fermentation process to elegantly wrapping it around a puro.

Wrappers vary according to colour and texture. Two generic categories of cigar wrappers are Natural, the light coloured wrapper, and Maduro, the dark or even black coloured wrapper – used to encase the tobacco of some of the finest Cohiba Cigars. Having its tobacco wrapper leaves aged for over five years, the Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos Cigar reflects perfectly the complex aromas of the Maduro wrapper and the hard work behind its creation. However, it should be pointed out that the Maduro wrapper has more to do with the way its processed than simply its colour.

BINDER – Just underneath the wrapper leaf, the binder is there to encase the filler tobacco. Binders are a very significant part of a cigar as these leaves are responsible for securing a smooth burn and guaranteeing a cigar’s structure and density. The majority of cigars are created with a single binder leaf, while only a few Cuban cigars are handcrafted with two. A binder tobacco leaf of excellent quality delivers a consistent and even burn.

a pile of freshly rolled cohiba robusto reserva cuban cigars and cigar makers at el laguito factory

Left: A pile of freshly rolled Cuban cigars, Right: Cigar-makers at El Laguito factory


FILLER – Protected by the binder, the filler tobacco is located at the very centre of a cigar. The leaves of the filler tobacco can intensify the flavour of the wrapper. However, many skilled cigar makers attempt to experiment at this stage combing a different binder with a filler tobacco that results to distinct transitions of taste - either enhancing a cigar’s complexity or empowering its existing aroma. Consistently strong in flavours and crafted by specially selected filler, binder, and wrapper leaves, the Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 - 50 Aniversario Cigar describes brilliantly the harmonious bonding amongst a filler, a binder, and a wrapper leaf.

CAP – The part of a cigar where you place your mouth when smoking, the cap is crafted by the same tobacco leaf as the wrapper and you can distinguish it by a faint line around the head of your puro. In a standard shape cigar, for instance a Robusto, the taper is rounded and follows gradually along the edges of the wrapper. A great example of a round and even cap, the H. Upmann Robustos Anejados Cigar, measures at 124 mm in length by a 50 ring gauge and is proven to be very popular amongst cigar aficionados. Highly skilled rollers can apply the cap with perfect symmetry and precision.

FOOT – The foot of a cigar is simply the end of it - the part that you light. It is very important to properly light the foot of your puro as to guarantee an even burn and prevent one side of the cigar been unevenly lit. After lighting your cigar, take some time examining the lit cigar foot just to make sure that the burn spreads evenly and smoothly.

CIGAR BAND – The band of a cigar was massively evolved in the 1800s as a method of identifying Cuban Cigars imported to Europe. The band is there to communicate a brand’s identity, tradition, and, of course, draw your attention on a store shelf or online. From Limited Editions collections to regular productions, a cigar band can incorporate vibrant colours, vivid imagery, and calligraphic fonts. Some cigar connoisseurs even collect cigar bands since many of hem are considered rare.

cohiba majestuosos and h upmann ROBUSTOS AÑEJADOS CIGAR Left: Cohiba Majestuosos 1966 - 50 Aniversario Cigar, Right: H. Upmann Robustos Anejados Cigar

Handcrafting Cuban Cigars requires mastery over identifying excellent quality and a broad knowledge about cultivating and processing tobacco. Our selection of Cuban Cigars Online offers a variety of high quality puros, handmade by the most skilled cigar makers, guaranteeing your smoking pleasure. Read some of our recent posts and find out what makes Cuban Cigars so special:

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