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H. Upmann Propios EL 2018 Cigar for sale - Cuban Cigar blog

Habanos Limited Edition Cigars for 2018

H. Upmann Propios Edición Limitada 2018 Cigar - EGM Cigars

Just like a fine French wine, Cuban Cigars carry an obsession for ageing, and a commitment from producers to constantly craft the best. Now equally grouped as a collectable item, the appeal for Habanos has risen past previous ‘refined’ consumers, to a demographic reaching all walks of life. With such an investment tag placed upon top Cuban cigars, you can imagine the speciality of owning a box of Limited Edition, or Edicion Limitada. Since 2000, Habanos S.A have yearly produced a selection of exclusive cigars in small quantities, shaped in sizes not typically found in the biggest Cuban cigar brand portfolios. Tobacco is aged for a minimum of two years before the cigars are constructed. Adding to the luxury of owning Limited Edition Cigars, is the deluxe packaging. Boxes carry an extra black and gold seal, as well as the date on when they were released. The cigars themselves, are dressed with an extra band sharing the same information.

Cigar aficionados take great pleasure in showcasing a humidor with such unique, Limited Edition cigars stored inside. To seize the opportunity of owning – before stock will speedily be bought, here are three, new limited edition cigars for 2018 to know about, which EGM Cigars will soon be stocking.


Romeo y Julieta Tacos EL Cigar for sale

Romeo y Julieta Tacos Edición Limitada 2018 Cigar - EGM Cigars 

Romeo y Julieta Tacos Edición Limitada

The Havana company with one of the most extensive ranges of rings; the Romeo y Julieta Tacos Cigar comprises of a taco imperial vitola – a 1970’s formula, with a 49 ring gauge and an 168mm length. Romeo y Julieta – for a cigar beginner, is associated classically with Churchill. Experienced smokers reading, will know the brand has won numerous awards and gold medals across the industry since 1875. This Romeo y Julieta Tacos Cigar, in it’s beautiful box splendour, is a fine wonder to behold.



Bolivar Soberanos EL Cigar for sale online

Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada 2018 Cigar - EGM Cigars

Bolivar Soberanos Edición Limitada

The very first limited edition cigar of 2018 released by Habanos S.A, the Bolivar Soberanos Cigar is 140mm and has an excellent ring gauge of 54. The duke vitola is entirely new to the Bolivar brand, which further emphasises the habano’s exclusivity. A balanced and leathery aroma echoes from the puffs of this Edición Limitada For a strong cigar flavour, Bolivar Cigars are recognised as one of the leading Havana brands to select. 



H. Upmann Propios EL Cigar for sale

H. Upmann Propios Edición Limitada 2018 Cigar - EGM Cigars

H. Upmann Propios Edición Limitada

An entirely hand-made, limited edition cigar; the H. Upmann Propios Cigar has a medium to full strength flavour, with an 120mm length and 46 ring gauge. H. Upmann Cigars are often recognised by their luxurious dark colour. The brand was favoured by John F. Kennedy. The heritage and reputation of the company, simply defines quality. A limited edition cigar by H. Upmann is an opulent choice to add to a cigar collection.

These three Limited Edition Cigars will soon be available. To be the first to order, stay connected to our social media where will keep you updated, as well as informed on other luxurious Cuban Cigars online.

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