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Trinidad Cigars Celebrates 50th Anniversary with 3 New Cuban Cigars. EGM Cigars

Trinidad Cigars Celebrates 50th Anniversary with 3 New Cuban Cigars

2019 marked the 50th anniversary for Trinidad Cigars – one of the much-loved brands on our Cuban cigar shop. What was once named ‘Cuba’s best-kept secret’ was originally a private brand, which was used only as a diplomatic gift. Since then it has become a globally recognised brand in the world of Cuban cigars and has also won the hearts of many cigar smokers. In celebration of their golden anniversary, Trinidad has brought us some new smokes to try – luckily for you we’ve managed to get our hands on them! But before we reveal these bad boys, let’s take a look at the journey that Trinidad Cigars have had so far. 

A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY – The brand originally only featured one shape of cigar and that was the Trinidad Fundadores Cigar. It was exclusively created for Fidel Castro, the famous political leader of Cuba at the time. Although it’s said that the first cigar was made back in 1969, it wasn’t until 1998 that the public was finally able to give the brand a try – the Fundadores cigar was added to the regular production line and they began expanding their range of Cuban cigars online.

SHINY NEW SMOKES – We’re excited to bring to you the 3 smokes that are being added to Trinidad’s regular production list. 2 are brand new vitolas – with one being an oldie but goodie making a come back: 

Trinidad Topes Cigar. EGM Cigars

The Trinidad Topes Cigar. 


TRINIDAD TOPES CIGAR – Yes, that’s right – the 2016 popular limited edition cigar has made a long-awaited return. It measures at 125mm by a weighty 56 ring gauge – making it one of the thickest smoke in the brand’s portfolio. Its medium-bodied smoke delivers tangy and woody notes. 

 Trinidad Esmeralda Cigar. EGM Cigars

The Trinidad Esmeralda Cigar.


TRINIDAD ESMERALDA CIGAR – This cigar features the new Dinoras vitola – measuring at 145mm by an impressive 54 ring gauge. With a medium-bodied flavour profile, its sure to deliver a great smoking experience. The ‘pigtail’ head gives it a distinctive look, making it a unique addition to your cigar humidor

Trinidad Media Luna Cigar. EGM Cigars

The Trinidad Media Luna Cigar.


TRINIDAD MEDIA LUNA CIGAR – The Media Luna also forms the new Marinas vitola – measuring at 115mm by a 50 ring gauge. Although it’s the smallest out of the new releases, it still matches in flavour – as it provides a medium-bodied smoke. You can expect sweet and nutty notes with a woody finish. 

How exciting! 2 new cigars for sale online for you to try. These smokes have been highly-anticipated and we can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on them. Before you go, top up your cigar knowledge and check out our Cuban cigar blog:

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