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EGM Cigars Launch Spotify Playlists!

EGM Cigars Launch Spotify Playlists!

Picture the scene. You've had an incredibly long day at work, the weather is dreary (even though it's basically August), and you've been counting down the seconds until you could leave as soon as you downed your first espresso earlier that morning. The one thing that's getting you through the day is the thought of lighting up one of your favourite cigars that you've been aging in your humidor. 

You get home, knowing you can finally put your feet up and relax. You get your cigar and cigar accoutrements, drink in hand. You light up your beautiful Cuban cigar and turn on the radio for some much needed ambiance, only to hear high energy, impossibly loud EDM you'd usually reserve for a club night. You stick on Spotify instead, but struggle to find a playlist that best suits the mood you're after. The Rat Pack is a little too Rat Packy, the mellow is too mellow, the upbeat records are a bit intense for right now. What a let down.

Well, hopefully now this scenario never needs to happen again. As cigar aficionados, we pride ourselves in not only providing beautiful cigars—be it Cuban or our very own EGM Cigars line—but elevating the whole cigar smoking experience. In addition to supplying lighters, cutters, ashtrays and even clothing, we've now firmly stepped into the music side of things, creating bespoke playlists for every occasion. Here are our new playlists for this month:

London Cigar Lounge Playlist

This playlist aims to replicate the ambiance of the traditional London cigar lounge. It nods to smoke of our favourite spots such as Oscuro at The Arts Club, Mark's Club, The Connaught, Sautter and more. Recommended Cigar: Ramón Allones Specially Selected.

Kick Back & Chill Playlist

 Our Head of Editorial Rikesh Chauhan grew up listening to classic R&B and hip-hop, and this playlist provides a mellow soundtrack that blends classic and contemporary sounds—perfect for a chilled evening at home with a long smoke. Recommended Cigar: Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013.

Buon Appetito Beats Playlist

Resident good guy and friend of EGM Cigars, Austin Pollak is a dab hand in the kitchen, and when he's cooking up an Italian feast, these are sounds that usually accompany. Recommended Cigar: EGM Poderosos.

Homegrown Flavours Playlist

Mike Hughes has arguably one of the best, and most wide-ranging, tastes in music. For EGM Cigars, he created an eclectic playlist inspired by the rhythms of one of our favourite cities in the world, Havana. Recommended Cigar: Cohiba Siglo de Oro.

Dinner With A View Playlist

There's something magical about hearing Ella croon in the background, whilst you're having one of your favourite meals al fresco, looking out at the beautiful waters of the Riviera. Don't you think? Recommended Cigar: Trinidad Topes Edición Limitada 2016.

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