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Cigars of Monaco

Cigars of Monaco

Nick Hendry takes us on a cigar tour of possibly the most opulent city in the world: Monaco.

#EGMeets: Adam Lajca

#EGMeets: Adam Lajca

A Master of Havana cigars and one of the most hospitable hosts you’re ever likely to meet, Adam Lajca introduces us to The Connaught Cigar Merchants, the new cigar offering...

Cohibas and snacks at Franco's London

Restaurants For A Cigar Lover

Cigar smoking is an experience in flavour, and can often be an excellent foil to food.  Nick Hendry looks at a few of the best restaurants in which to pair the...

Fari Beach Bar, Patina Maldives

The World's Best Beach Clubs

Summer has arrived, so let's check out some of the most luxurious beaches in the world on which to enjoy a smoke.  Better grab your passport...

A roulette wheel in a casino

Casinos and cigars: a winning combination

Casinos can offer a wonderful location to smoke cigars and be entertained.  They may seem intimidating your first time out - luckily, Nick Hendry knows his way around them and...