EGM Diademas

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EGM Diademas represent the pinnacle of our portfolio, standing as the most majestic cigar format we have on offer.

Their grand size and distinct shape evoke memories of a golden age of cigar making. The EGM Diadema measures an impressive 233 mm by a 55 ring gauge. 

Tapered at both ends and individually wrapped in foiled paper for optimal protection, these marvellous cigars testify to the artistry required in cigar making. Crafted entirely by hand (Totalmente a Mano), only the most talented torcedores are entrusted with the production of the Diadema.

The five tobacco leaves contained in these Dominican Puros come from the esteemed plantations of the Cibao Valley in the Dominican Republic. Spend time with a timeless classic, and enjoy the ultimate cigar experience.

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 Origin: Dominican Republic
Manufacture: Hand made (Totalmente a Mano)
Flavour: Medium
Length: 233mm
Ring gauge: 55
Vitola de galera: Diadema
Shape: Giant Perfecto