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Bryceland's & Co Opens In London

Bryceland's & Co Opens In London

If the unsolicited reels of lifestyle influencers that litter my Instagram feed have taught me anything, it’s this: if you want something in life, all you gotta do is manifest it. And so, after years spent offering prayers to the sartorial gods, touching wood, and crossing fingers, Bryceland’s have fulfilled their oft-teased ambition of opening a store in London.

First located in Tokyo and Hong Kong (the respective homes of co-founders Ethan Newton and Kenji Cheung), the brand have chosen Chiltern Street in Marylebone, a few doors away from menswear stalwarts such as Trunk Clothiers and John Simons, to be their European home.

Your ready-to-wear favourites are all present and correct on the ground floor of the shop: the signature sawtooth denim shirt that’s initially stiffer than an Alessandro Palazzi martini but, like the drink, keeps improving the more you get into it; towel shirts that are as comfortable being paired with summer dress trousers as they are with swimming trunks; and RAF roll necks knit shorter than most to harmonise with their high-waisted trousers.

The basement is reserved as a space for exploring the assortment of made-to-measure and bespoke options in the Bryceland’s universe. WW Chan are due to hold a trunk show in the spring. Taillour (the East London house helmed by Fred Nieddu) will soon offer an exclusive bespoke model. And shirting options from Ascot Chang abound, including the Perfect OCBD which, having owned one for four years, I can attest fully lives up to the Carlsberg-esque hubris of its name.

Ben Chamberlain of Bryceland's London

What’s most exciting is that Bryceland’s London isn’t just a place to buy the classic pieces without the sting of import duties and shipping fees (although in an era of a weak pound, that’s not something to dismiss lightly). It’s also where their aesthetic gets to play with British makers, styles, and tastes. For the past couple of years, Ethan and Kenji have been working closely with some of the finest local artisans to develop products that are unique to the London outlet.

Founders Ethan Newton and Kenji Cheung outside Bryceland's London

Two collaborations (both with Taillour) are already on the shop floor with the promise of more to follow. The first is a new, tailored Easy Jacket which is completely unstructured and made up in either a light-yet-sturdy navy twill with flat brass buttons or a biscuit and red blanket check. The second is an exquisite full-bodied Balmacaan coat fashioned out of a discontinued Dugdales cloth (and, as such, is only available in limited numbers).

Last, but by no means least, Bryceland’s London have developed a cigar humidor that would discourage even the most committed of cat burglars. Repurposed from a vintage steel safe, the Bryceland’s humidor would make an elegant and impregnable home for your EGM Cigar collection.

Bryceland’s London can be found at 48 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7QS. Open between 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday and 12pm to 5pm Sunday.

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