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Style Icon and Friend of EGM Cigars Franco Mazzetti Enjoys a Cuban Cigar

Cigar Style: The perfect accessories for the stylish smoker

By Nick Hendry


The smoking of a fine Cuban Cigar should always carry with it a sense of occasion.  It is a reward to the smoker for hard work done and a chance to reflect on challenges to come – you’ve earned it, so you deserve every aspect of the experience to be a luxury.  The cigar itself is clearly the main star of the show, but it is important to ensure the tools and paraphernalia that facilitate such an opulent moment are of the same high standard.  Each Habano is hand-crafted by a skilled artisan – to have it spoiled by poor storage or a ragged cut would be to disrespect both the torcedor and you, the aficionado who enjoys their work.

EGM Cigars have long been advocates of elegant and stylish smoking.  Guided by luminaries of the sartorial world like our good friend Franco Mazzetti and inspired by our trips to Florence for Pitti Imagine, we believe that a keen sense of elegance and confidence in one’s style goes hand-in-hand with enjoying a luxury smoke.  Luckily, we are not alone and a vast array of high-end brands create cigar accessories for discerning brothers and sisters of the leaf.  Today on the EGM Blog we run through some fine examples, available right here on our website.

The Cutter

The first step to properly enjoying a cigar is a clean and effective cut of the cap.  This process requires not only due care and attention but also a strong, sharp blade, hewn of the finest steel.  The MaxiJet Cutter from ST Dupont, shown here in sleek grey chrome, provides exactly that.  The smooth lines mean it feels exquisite in your hand, the sturdy spring mechanism helps pass the razor-sharp twin blades through your stick like butter, and the slim shape allows it to sit comfortably inside your jacket pocket without spoiling the lines of your suit.  This is a truly elegant cutter which will enhance your smoking experience for years to come.


The Lighter

Lighting our cigar is probably the most important part of the journey to enjoyment.  A stylish lighter is usually the first accessory we buy as a new smoker, and perhaps the most important tool in the sartorial smoker’s kit.  It should be practical, offering a strong flame and good reservoir of gas, but also pleasing to the eye – it will be the item we use the most and noticed most often by fellow smokers.  Once again we turn to French maison ST Dupont, whose Le Grand Lighter fits all these criteria perfectly.  Crafted in yellow gold and beautiful tobacco-coloured lacquer, it offers a soft double flame to gently toast the foot of the Habano which switches effortlessly to a windproof jet with just a gentle flick of the thumb.  This is not just a lighter, it is an objet d’art that will draw admiring glances every time you take it from your pocket.


The ST Dupont Le Grand Lighter in Yellow Gold and Brown Lacquer

The ST Dupont Le Grand twin-flame lighter.

The case

When leaving the house to meet fellow cigar lovers for a smoke it is imperative our cigars are kept safe, with no chance of tears to the wrapper or cracks in the cap.  This exquisite Two-Cigar Case comes in a vibrant red leather with crocodile skin print and is embossed with the famous Romeo y Julieta logo.  Red leather is a classic choice when looking for a touch of opulence and style to complement your outfit and will offer excellent protection to your choice of cigars for the day ahead.



 Romeo y Julieta Cigar Case in Red Leather with Croc Print


A stunning red croc-print leather cigar case.

 The shirt

Very often these days we enjoy our cigars outdoors; in our garden or on our favourite terrace, relaxing in the sunshine with a cocktail alongside our chosen stick.  The question then becomes how to stay comfortable and cool, but still stylish – what will cope with the heat but keep us looking refined?  The Cubans have, thankfully, the ideal answer: the Guayabera.  This traditional shirt is the perfect summer staple, crafted in a crisp white cotton/linen blend that makes it just right for the summer.  These days it is considered the official traditional dress of Cuba by their government, but it has its roots in the vegas and will be at home in any environment.  The perfect garment for a cigar smoker.


 The Cohiba Atmosphere Guayabera shirt is an elegant and comfortable summer garment.

The Humidor

With all this effort put in to ensuring your every smoke is done in comfort and style it would be a travesty if the experience were ruined by a poorly stored stick.  A good humidor will keep your collection in optimal condition; a great humidor will enhance the look of your home as well.  The Davidoff Office Humidor in rosewood and palladium delivers both factors with aplomb: not only will it hold up to 50 cigars in perfect conditions, the sleek polished wood and subtle hardware make it also a beautiful addition to a handsome living room.

The Davidoff Rosewood & Palladium Office Humidor

This Davidoff Rosewood Humidor is an exquisite piece of furniture that will protect your cigar collection.

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