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Christmas Shopping on Regent Street

EGM Blog 2022 Christmas Gift Guide

The end of the year is fast approaching, and the time for Cuban cigar lovers to join together and exchange gifts comes with it.  No matter how organised we are, there will always be some presents which are left to the last minute to collect; no matter how much thought and planning we put into things, there will be someone for whom we just cannot think of the perfect festive offering.  Let the EGM Blog nudge you in the direction of a few of our favourites this season, sure to please even the most discerning of cigar smoker who finds them under their tree this Christmas.

ST Dupont Le Crepescule

ST Dupont Le Crepuscule Collection

ST Dupont are one of the most coveted and recognisable brands when it comes to cigar accessories, and their new 150th Anniversary connection maintains their tradition of excellence.  Dupont have a long-standing relationship with Habanos SA, creating some wonderful lighters to celebrate milestones for Cuban brands, and have partnered with them again for their own festivities.  The beautiful colours adorning these lighters, ashtrays and pens are borrowed from the famous Montecristo brand, and each piece is handmade in the Paris atelier.

Berluti Nino Scritto Clutch

Berluti Nino Scrito Leather Clutch

Another Parisian brand with a reputation for world-class craft and an affinity for cigar accessories is Berluti.  The have made some exquisite cigar cases from their famous Venezia leather, but this clutch is an even more elegant expression of their expertise.  The zip pocket to the front allows for separation of the things you most readily need access to – like your cutter and lighter – while the generously-sized, cotton-lined main pocket will hold everything else you need to go about your day.  Scritto leather is inscribed and carved with a variety of phrases and mantras, giving an even more eye-catching appearance to this beautiful piece of luggage.

TBD Eyewear Sustainable Sunglasses

TBD Eyewear Sustainable Sunglasses

The TBD Eyewear Eco collection is made using a bio acetate which, as well as being sturdy and scratch-resistant, is completely biodegradable and recyclable.  Every pair is handmade in Italy, using designs which give a modern twist to classic sunglass shapes.  A good pair of shades is a year-round accessory – even winter sun is a fine excuse to wear them – making these an ideal gift for a style-conscious smoker.

Cohiba Atmosphere Guayabera Shirts

Cohiba Atmosphere Guayabera

Of similar appeal to that aficionado who takes pride in their style is this excellent guayabera shirt.  These traditional shirts are easily recognisable, thanks to the 4 pockets across the chest and distinctive alforza pleats running horizontally from both shoulders.  While they are usually made in linen, the Cohiba Atmosphere range now employs a wide array of different fabrics to update the style.  The beauty of a guayabera is rooted in its versatility – having begun life as a work garment worn by farmers, it is now considered formal wear in many tobacco-producing nations, and is the official national dress of Cuba.  Wear it to keep cool in the summer, or to honour the local tradition at a formal gala at the next Habanos Festival.

Modern Black Tie: A Guide

Modern Black Tie: A Guide by La Bowtique

Black Tie is one of the most elegant dress codes which exists today.  The sight of a grand ballroom full of guests all decked out in simple yet sleek ensembles has panache and mystique in equal amounts.  La Bowtique are known in sartorial circles for making possibly the nest bow-ties for such gatherings – their founder Mickael Korausch (a long-time friend of EGM Cigars) has now set out a comprehensive guide to the traditions and modern interpretations of the style.  Over 300 pages of history, advice and glorious imagery make for a book which will be at home gracing any coffee table or smoking lounge.

Silk Dupion Bow Tie by The Suitstainable Man

Silk Dupion Bow Tie by The Suitstainable Man

Probably the most important part of black tie dressing is the tie itself, and the Silk Dupion version by The Suitstainable Man is a wonderful version of this classic accessory.  The silk itself is sourced from a family-owned British supplier, and the ties are presented unlined to give an extra delicacy.  This allows for a remarkably small knot at the centre, creating a dramatic contrast to the width at the tips of the wings.  Each tie is handmade in London, once again by Mickael of La Bowtique, and presented in a beautiful handmade box.  Wear yours alone, or complete the look with a matching cummerbund and contrasting coloured jacket from the same brand.

Panthrella Socks Gift Box

Panthrella Socks Gift Box

Socks for Christmas is a bit of a cliché, and often looked down upon as a gift, but they are actually a wonderful option.  We all wear them at one point or another, so investing in quality is a sensible idea.  Making sure your feet are comfortable is essential, and a well-chosen colour or pattern to peek out from below your trousers can be the extra detail which really elevates an outfit.  Panthrella socks are probably the best in the world – choose a selection pack from their range and the recipient will thank you for years to come, regardless of how sceptical they may be upon first unwrapping their gift.

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