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EGM's 5th Anniversary Party Highlights

EGM's 5th Anniversary Party Highlights

When it came to celebrating our 5th anniversary, we knew there was only one place in the world we could truly celebrate it. Over the last few years, our visits to Havana inevitably resulted in frequent visits to a bar posted up on the Malecón, aptly named El Bleco.

The bar is a hotbed for stylish and artistic individuals in Havana, as well as wider Cuba. Anyone who’s anyone will no doubt be seen there at one point or another, and once you visit for the first time, you’ll find yourself being back almost immediately. Considered by us and certainly many others as the coolest spot in the capital, it was only a matter of time until we found the perfect opportunity to collaborate for an incredibly special evening.

A lot has happened in the past five years, and we are incredibly lucky to have loyal followers and clients that have allowed us to get to where we are today. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t do a celebration for celebration’s sake, but to really commemorate the milestone. Pretty much since the inception of EGM, we always knew we wanted to create something within the sartorial space—a garment that fuses style and individuality with this wonderful cigar culture we are grateful to be part of. Naturally, the guayabera shirt proved just the ticket.

On 2nd March 2023, our fifth anniversary, we launched the EGM Limited Edition Guayabera, which debuted at El Bleco by way of a spectacular model catwalk that cut right through the crowd at the heaving rooftop bar. The guayabera was sported in three different ways—swimwear, casual and formal by models Laura, Lea, Lorena, Vlad, Alex and Humberto. The purpose was to show just how versatile the iconic guayabera can be, once we gave it our contemporary spin.

Following the catwalk were performances from an incredible trio of dancers—Dani, Diamela and Cintia, delectable pizzas (a Bleco signature and must try), custom-made cocktails, plus Bleco’s in-house DJ bringing the vibes and seeing us through to the very early hours of the morning.

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