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El Rey del Mundo Serie BN2

El Rey del Mundo Serie BN2 Exclusivo Brasil Cigar Review

by Nick Hendry

As Cuban cigars go, a Regional Edition for Brazil is pretty rare.  There have only been two released since the programme began – the Bolivar Redentores in 2013 being the first – and the numbers produced are small.  By contrast, El Rey del Mundo is a popular brand for distributors to choose when applying for their yearly regional allowance, and the Edmundo vitola made famous by the Montecristo of the same name a common choice of shape.  Emporium Cigars, Brazil’s Habanos distributor, chose only to make 6,000 boxes of 10 when they settled on this combination of marca and vitola, meaning the El Rey del Mundo Serie BN2 is not an easy cigar to come by.

The Edmundo format – 52 ring gauge by 5 ⅜” – means this cigar will smoke for about 70-80 minutes.  Unlike the Montecristo version, this is a typical El Rey del Mundo light-to-medium strength, making it more suited to the early part of the day.

El Rey del Mundo Serie BN2

Construction: 9/10

  • There was a roughness to the wrapper of this particular stick, and the odd blemish to the wonderful golden-brown colour which made me slightly concerned about the performance to come.

Draw: 10/10

  • Those concerns dissipated soon after I lit the stick, as the draw was immediately and consistently perfect.

Combustion: 10/10

  • As perfect as the draw was the burn; not a single moment when a re-light was required and a beautifully even smoulder all the way through.

El Rey del Mundo Serie BN2

Ash: 4/5

  • A little flaky, a little grey, a little imperfect. Far from being an issue that would have affected enjoyment of the smoke.

Smoke: 4/5

  • The body of the cigar was fairly light all the way through – for a stick of this size I would have preferred a little more output, but it was still enjoyable.

Flavour: 22/25

  • The flavours of this stick were wonderful, making me sad they rolled so few. The Brazilian market may not be the biggest, but they have been given a gem here.  If this was to become a regular production stick in the next few years it would be a wonderful addition to the El Rey del Mundo stable.

Overall: 31/35

  • Generally speaking, Regional Editions should be good as they will carry a little premium when sold alongside regular production. They should represent the best of the brand chosen to create them, and be a special treat for the loyal Habanos aficionados of whichever territory commissioned them.  The Serie BN2 fulfils both these criteria.

El Rey del Mundo Serie BN2

Final Score: 90/100

  • I think El Rey del Mundo perform brilliantly in larger formats, and the Serie BN2 was no exception. Upon lighting the flavours were light, along with the mouthfeel of the smoke, and notes of grass and hay blended with more herbaceous flavours for a bright and refreshing all-around sensation.  The middle third was more intense, the body thickening to a creamier mouthfeel and the flavours taking on a similar character – vanilla and caramel replaced the initial brightness, and a little light coffee appeared on the aftertaste.  These notes remained through the final third, albeit warmer and more robust versions, with the slightest hints of leather and cinnamon spice making the occasional appearance.  A touch of black pepper heat rounded off the smoke, likely because I allowed it to burn so far – I just didn’t want to put this stick down.

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