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Havana Hotspots: Where To Smoke

Havana Hotspots: Where To Smoke

In our latest dispatch from Havana, we highlight a few wonderful places to smoke, as well as to purchase Cuban cigars, in the city. It’s worth mentioning that any outdoor space is a great place to smoke in Havana. When it’s not raining, the temperature and vibes are idyllic—the air is usually still, with just a gentle breeze coming in from the Atlantic via the Malécon, making cigars taste all the sweeter. It's hard to really describe it. Where I can usually only smoke a single cigar in a week in a climate like London's, I found myself having around two a day in Havana, and still waking up fresh as a fiddle each morning. Here are a few must-visits if you’re in town.

Partagás Cigar Lounge

1 Bernaza, La Habana 10100

A popular destination for tourists and locals, it helps that the new La Casa del Habano Partagás is located smack bang in the middle of town, and right next to one of the most popular hangouts in El Floridita. The space is replete with the finest cigars and custom blends, a magnificent bar which is open throughout the day, as well as the humidor and smoking room itself. It’s a bit of a strange thing to highlight, but the air conditioning in there is second-to-none, especially when the temperatures hit the 30s. Come down to cool off, enjoy a smoke or two and watch the finest cigar connoisseurs swan in and out of the new locale.

Partagas Cigar Lounge, Havana, Cuba

Partagas Cigar Lounge, Havana, Cuba

Partagas Cigar Lounge, Havana, Cuba


Hotel Meliá, 4H54+GW5, Avenida 3ra, La Habana 11300

Meliá is a place we often find ourselves coming back to. Of all the LCDH locations, their custom blend cigars are truly works of art, and they also serve the best espressos. It’s quite easy to knock a couple back with a beautiful house blend robusto, be it inside the casa or on their terrace. Whilst there’s not much of a view, it’s a quiet enough place to enjoy a cigar in peace with good company. They’re also wonderfully hospitable and their warmth is evident as soon as you step inside.

Melia, Havana, Cuba

Melia, Havana, Cuba

Melia, Havana, Cuba


Hotel Comodoro, 4H44+RFC, La Habana

Located a block up the road, Hotel Comodoro’s cigar lounge is run by the most badass women you’ll ever meet. Famed for their house cigar, La Margarita, it’s so sought after that it usually sells out the same day it’s made. The proprietors are energetic, bubbly, hospitable and know their stuff. It’s a place where you’ll come with the intention of picking up some cigars and leaving, only to end up enjoying the smokes there and then, along with some quality rum, a good few hours longer than you expected. These places are the best kind of places.

Hotel Comodoro, Havana, Cuba

Club Habana

188 y, 5ta, La Habana

Club Habana has a humidor one could only dream of visiting. Every Cuban cigar you could possibly ever desire, you’ll likely find here. It’s a place to conduct real business, then enjoy the weather and drinks around the resort. The lunch Club Havana offers may not make the Michelin star list at any point, but for the price (peanuts, even for Cuba) and quality, you should definitely make a point to eat there.

Cuba Habana

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

4JQR+5VG, Calle San Rafael, La Habana 10100

Whilst not a cigar destination per se, we’d be remiss not to highlight just how great the view is on the terrace of Hotel Kempinski. Located in the heart of the city, the rooftop is the ideal setting to kickstart the day. Enjoy a cigar with a mimosa or two along with a delicious breakfast, take in the capital in all its glory, and appreciate just how wonderful life can truly be.

Hotel Kempinski, Havana, Cuba

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