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The Punch Coronations Tubos Cuban Cigar

Punch Coronations Tubos Cigar Review

By Nick Hendry

It can often be that one wishes to enjoy a Cuban Cigar while on the go, perhaps between meetings or after a lunch date with a friend.  For such occasions a Tubos cigar is the perfect companion – the slim aluminium tube will protect the wrapper from any damage, keep the cigar fresh while away from your humidor and fit discreetly into your pocket or bag without causing much disruption.  It is a happily convenient method of transporting the cigar for the aficionado about town.

Punch is a brand with one of the longest histories in the cigar world, and the Coronations has been a favourite of devotees for over 60 years.  This classic corona vitola, presented in its handsome, dark green protective sheath, is the ideal size for when one is short on time.  Measuring 5” by 42 ring gauge, it will provide around 30 – 35 minutes of enjoyment.

 The Punch Coronations Cuban Cigar looks beautiful.


The Coronations looks appetising before being lit.

Construction: 9/10

  • This cigar was very pleasing to the eye: the colorado-claro wrapper was smooth and free of veins, there were no blemishes to be seen and when pressed the cigar had a reassuring spring – an even fill all along the body.

Draw: 10/10

  • From lighting to finishing, this cigar gave up flavoursome smoke with no real effort required.

Combustion: 10/10

  • In a word, perfect. The burn was exactly even throughout the smoke, no re-touching with a lighter, no deviation of any kind.  An absolute pleasure to behold.

 The ash held on beautifully to the end of the Punch Coronations Cuban Cigar


The ash held perfectly to the foot of the cigar thanks to the perfect construction.

Ash: 5/5

  • As one would expect from such a well-constructed cigar, the ash held on tightly to the burning foot, only dropping off for the first time around the halfway point.

Smoke: 4/5

  • Perhaps not quite as much smoked as I had expected, but by no means a disappointment. Pungent clouds filled my garden as I enjoyed the experience.

Flavour: 20/25

  • Punch is a medium-bodied blend, with a nutty and sometimes spicy character, which I chose to pair with an oolong tea. The combination worked well as an afternoon treat.

Overall: 31/35

  • I was very impressed by this cigar. The construction and burn were exceptional, the flavours delicious.  I feel that with a little bit of age this cigar could score even higher.

The Punch Coronations Cuban Cigar is a journey of flavours

The end of a flavourful journey with the Punch Coronations

Final Score: 89/100

  • The physical properties of this stick were simply sublime, and the flavours very nearly matched. The first third had a touch of pepper to the front of the tongue, the middle developed a warming cinnamon flavour and notes of wood and leather began to creep through in the final third.  This is a cigar that already has an impressive journey of taste to it, but one which will definitely benefit from some time in your humidor to mature and develop.

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