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Montecristo Supremos Limited Edition 2019: Cigar Review

Montecristo Supremos Limited Edition 2019: Cigar Review

In this article, we will be reviewing the long-awaited Montecristo Supremos Limited Edition 2019 cigar. This is the newest addition to the Habanos 2019 Limited Edition series. We were lucky enough to attend the Amigos De Partagas festival, gala dinner in Matelica, Italy. During the dinner we were given the chance to give the Montecristo Supremos cigar a try! Heres the low down on what we thought about the newest member of the Montecristo family. 

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LET'S TALK CIGARS! - Now aficionados, being completely honest, the format of this Cuban cigar is no match for its name. If we had not been aware of the exact size of this cigar following it's world premiere, we would have been expecting somewhat of a behemoth, with a name like 'Supremos'. Instead, rather under-whelmingly, it features a Montesco vitola. This is an absolute first for Montecristo, but it has proven popular among other brands. Perhaps the most popular Montesco of all is the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill... but we are getting carried away now. Back to the Supremos.

For this review, we will score the cigar on each of the following components (at the end we will add them all together and see the overall score of the cigar out of 100 - 100/100 would be the highest): 

  • Construction - 1/10 
  • Draw - 1/10
  • Combustion - 1/10 
  • Ash - 1/5 
  • Smoke - 1/5 
  • Flavour - 1/25 
  • Overall Impressions - 1/35


holding the montecristo supremos limited edition 2019

The Montecristo Supremos Edicion Limitada 2019. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS - The Supremos comes elegantly packaged in a brand new yellow varnished box of 25 cigars! Breaking away from their traditional wooden boxes stamped with the iconic Edicion Limitada sticker. We only had a glimpse of the actual box whilst at the festival, but we suspect that there will be some additional outer packing of some form, maybe a card box (like the Montecristo Linea 1935). 

CONSTRUCTION (9/10) - Each Gala attendee received a single stick, with each of them being consistent in colour and wrapper. This cigar sports a classic Edicion Limitada, Colorado to Colorado-Maduro wrapper. Overall, it proves to be well-constructed; firm to the touch, with a decent spring if pressed. There wasn't a hard spot or knot in sight! 

DRAW (10/10) - We have one word for this...perfecto! It's generous 55 ring-gauge provides an easy draw, with just the right amount of resistance. Perhaps, a consistently good draw is one of the reasons behind the success of the popular Wide Churchills (one of our best-selling cigars for sale online ). 

COMBUSTION (8/10) - Not ideal, however it could've been worse. We had to bring out the Dupont Le Grand torch flame for a few touch-ups. However, given that we smoked this cigar only a few days after receiving it, this could be down to having a limited rest in our humidor. It's no deal-breaker, but it is far from that perfect ring of fire that some habanos deliver. 

ASH (4/5) - As you can expect, this score is slightly diminished by the combustion issues. The ash however held on to the cigar fairly well and displayed a nice compactness.

smoking the montecristo supremos limited edition cigar egm

Enjoying The Montecristo Supremos Edicion Limitada 2019. 

SMOKE (5/5) - Beautiful plumes of blue smoke gracefully danced out both ends of the cigar. Its aroma, far from pungent or ammoniac, provided a very pleasant fragrance emanated from the stick.

FLAVOUR (23/25) - The Supremo smoked consistently well and produced fine flavours. Dare we say, it was very much in-line with the Montecristo flavour profile. Starting with a pleasantly spiced first third, it evolved into rich aromas of dark chocolate, freshly roasted coffee and some hints of leather. Strength decidedly towards the medium-full side of the spectrum, the Seco/Ligero balance was right on the money, with the power and flavour beautifully balanced. 


OVERALL IMPRESSIONS (34/35) - To no surprise, Habanos S.A have delivered yet another brilliant Limited Edition with Montecristo. After the success of the Montecristo Dantes of 2016 and the Montecristo 520 of 2012, we have no doubts that the Supremos will match-up to it's older siblings. It's new colourful packaging seems to be a clear move towards one bright future for Montecristo!   

FINAL SCORE - 93/100

Aficionados, you can probably tell that we were a big fan of the Montecristo Supremos cigar and we cannot wait for you to give it a try! It will be available from our Cuban cigar shop later this year! Whilst you wait, be sure to check out more of our Cuban cigars online and have a look at our Cuban cigar blog for your daily dose of cigar news. 


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