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Romeo y Julieta Cigars: Legacy to Churchill

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He was in the paper recently. Headline news. Mice were injected with fragments of Winston Churchill cigars to check for poisoning. See, along with being a British Prime Minister, a man who led Britain to victory in WWII, and an inspirational speaker, Churchill has an entirely separate legacy in the cigar world. His preferences are forever immortalised by Romeo y Julieta and their Churchill cigars for sale online. Only, it’s hard to know which size he exactly smoked.

A SHAKESPEAREAN TALE – The year was 1875 and Inocensio Alvaraz and Manin Garcia, used the inspiration of Romeo and Juliet to create their brand. The play was incredibly popular with factory workers who enjoyed listening to the star-crossed tale. Unlike the tragic ending of Romeo and Juliet however, Romeo y Julieta Cigars have a happier story presenting instantaneous success from the moment they launched. It was during the 20th century though, that the real heights of the brand were recognised. Jose Rodriguez and his firm took over in 1903, and Jose worked hard to promote Romeo y Julieta across Europe and America. This included entering his horse Julieta into various racing events. Within a short time, the cigars soon became smoked by some of the most well-known faces and affluent customers. Today, there are more than 40 variations of shapes and sizes. The habanos are typically a medium strength and are occasionally quoted as “the wealthy mans cigar”.

Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigars - EGM Cigars

Top Left: Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar, Bottom Left: Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills Cigars, Right: Winston Churchill via Twitter

"the rest is somewhat history"

CHURCHILL’S LOVE AFFAIR -  If there was ever a person any cigar brand wishes to have linked to their name, it’s Churchill. He is one of the first (think of a famous cigar smoker) to appear in your mind, almost as though he invented the concept of smoking cigars entirely. From the statue in Bond Street, to the various art images, it sometimes seems harder to find a photo of Churchill without a cigar, than vice versa. It’s said that during his visit to Havana in 1946, Churchill went to the Romeo y Julieta factory, and the rest is somewhat history. There are many legends and tales associated with Churchill and what exact cigar length and ring gauge he preferred, but despite these mysteries, it is clear that Churchill endorsed Romeo y Julieta as a brand, leading them to honour him with his own habano, which led to an entire range. For a cigar smoker who wants to delight in a cigar named after him, there’s plenty of choice.

Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigars - EGM Cigars

The limited and unique Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 Cigar

"adding a delectably delicious and distinctive taste"

ROMEO Y JULIETA CHURCHILLS CIGARS – In the Cabinet War Rooms in London, a cigar partly smoked by Churchill is on display. The classic Romeo y Julieta Churchills Cigar has a ring gauge of 47, and a length of 178mm.The habano is full of strong and complex flavours – powerful flavours you visualise a tough leader smoking. Notes include espresso, cedar, vanilla and chocolate. For those who love a large ring gauge but a smaller length, the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills Cigar is a fantastic option. A medium strength with a more leather, earth and honey aroma. Additionally, in the range is a Romeo y Julieta No. 3 cigar AT – 40 ring gauge by 117mm length, a Romeo y Julieta Short Churchills Cigar – incredibly popular with cigar aficonados partly due to the prized robusto vitola format, the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Cigar, and as a Limited Edition, the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills Gran Reserva Cosecha 2009 Cigar. All tobacco from this Gran Reserva has undergone a five year ageing process, adding a delectably delicious and distinctive taste. The flavour profile features a base of peanut butter, a middle third of pepper, and a final third adding a touch of nuttiness. Only a mere 5,000 boxes have been released, and judging by the exhaustive list of Romeo y Julieta Churchills, this Limited Editions Cigar is a fine collector’s piece. You can learn more about collecting cigars by reading: Investment in Cuban Cigars: Why and How.

THE LEGACY OF THE BRAND AND PERSON TODAY – Churchill’s lasting legacy is easily summarised and understood. While the rest of the world remembers his inspiring qualities, cigar connoisseurs hold an extra torch for his underlying adoration for this form of tobacco. Just like us, he respected and admired the quality of Cuban cigars. When the Cuban revolution came to force and the cigar industry became nationalised, things changed for Romeo y Julieta. Similar to many, the brand left Havana and moved to the Dominican Republic. Nevertheless, the Cuban Romeo y Julieta Cigars remain and continue to be smoked around the globe, particularly by those who appreciate Churchills.

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