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Smoke Speak: Victor from The Class Journal and

Smoke Speak: Victor from The Class Journal and

by Chris Cotonou

The first to appear in our series of quick-fire chats with bon-vivants, visionaries, and friends is the dapper and talented Victor Bosselman. You might recognise him as the founder of new menswear platform Visterio and The Class Journal profile, where you can keep up with his jet-set travels in style and luxury around Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, and elsewhere. It’s a delightful feed to follow if you’re in need of some escapism or inspiration. 

Although originally from Hamburg in Germany, Victor currently works and resides in Switzerland, just like us. We asked about his passion for Cuban cigars, music, and drinks, plus a few unusual questions to get to know him better. So, without further ado… meet Victor. 

Memories of Your First Smoke

I had my first cigar at 25. I never smoked until that day. I have always been intrigued by the esprit that comes with cigars. Every smoke almost entails a celebration. My friend used to work in banking in Panama and he’s been an aficionado ever since. He took me to a great cigar lounge, Manuel’s, in Zurich [perhaps with a flavourful Bolivar]. Think dark-brown Winchester armchairs, salsa music in the background and an innumerable selection of rums. I’ve been intrigued ever since.

Your Favourite Smoke So Far, and Why

I do not smoke very frequently. It’s usually to celebrate something: a wedding, a closed deal, or just a tough week. A great smoke comes along with the right event and the right scenery. One smoke that I really like to think back to was to celebrate signing the contract at my current job. We had dinner and champagne at The Dolder Grand in Zurich, overlooking the lake and the city, paired with a beautiful Davidoff Royal Release. 

What Have You Done Recently, for the First Time?

I travelled to Latin America for the first time! In the first week of December I visited Mexico City. It was a great experience to explore a new city and culture. Eating escamoles for the first time (a type of ant larva that is a delicacy in the country), I also enjoyed a Montecristo Open Junior and a couple of Whisky Sodas. What a day! 

How Do You Find Calm in a Chaotic World?

I’ve always done a lot of sports, boxing in particular, which helps me remain focused and calm. Nevertheless, in the pandemic that has rarely been possible. Thus, I have recently picked up meditation and find it incredibly useful. Once in a while an evening with friends, accompanied by a good drink and smoke helps me unwind, too.

The Perfect Cocktail for a Cold, Cosy Evening

I prefer stronger drinks in the winter-time. I’m not a frequent or heavy drinker, therefore I prefer a glass of red wine, or a whiskey or rum on the rocks. Maybe an Old Fashioned or a Dark & Stormy when outside.

Best Spot to Enjoy a Smoke?

When I used to live in Zurich I frequented Manuel’s, a truly great place to unwind. I’m excited to discover now what Geneva has to offer! 

Something You Regret Not Buying

I was working on a research project at university on cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin in particular in 2016/17. One Bitcoin was trading at around $1,000 at the time. I should have invested more aggressively back then. 

What Does Success Look Like to You?

Success defines the completion of the goals that we set for ourselves. Just as people are different, our definitions of success come in all different shapes and colours. 

The Watch You're Wearing

A 38mm, hand wound, 18k Rosé gold Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle: Reference 82172/000R-9382

Something Always Worth Paying For

Business Class on long-haul flights. Being 1.90m tall, I pay whatever price to fly flat.

Digital or Analog?

Apart from books, newspapers and print media, I do everything on my iPhone. I am so busy with all my activities that good organisation is crucial. The Reminders App on my iPhone is my best aid in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

The Best Piece of Advice You Have Received

Never be the smartest person in the room. Seek people that are smarter than you. This is the only way you learn and grow.

Keep an eye out for more from our Smoke Speak series, with some of our favourite people, and let us know who you would like us to feature next. For all your Cuban cigar needs, be sure to explore our collection now

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