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The Bolivar Royal Corona Cuban Cigar

Bolivar Royal Corona Cigar Review

by Nick Hendry Since 1901 the name of Bolivar has been proudly stamped on some of the finest Cuban Cigars available.  Named for the great liberator of South America and...

The Vegueros Centrofinos Cuban Cigar

Brand Spotlight - The New Guards of Havana

by Nick Hendry The 500 years of history and tradition associated with Cuban Cigars is often discussed, and is likely an important factor in the trust afforded to Cuban puros...

Rapper and Billionaire Jaz-Z enjoys a Limited Edition Hoyo De Monterrey Cuban Cigar

Icons of Cigars: Jay-Z

By Nick Hendry. The world of hip-hop is one where luxury and the finer things in life are prized, and where being seen enjoying fine Cuban Cigars is a symbol...